geek_cs (geek_cs) wrote in starwarscrafts,

My new little guy!

Hey everyone!  Since you guys liked my other Star Wars dudes so much, I thought I would post our latest creation:  Darth Revan!  (It was so weird that someone was just asking about making a costume for him, too!)

He was a pretty complicated little guy to make--his armor is pretty detailed, even though you can't see it that well once everything is all covered up.  The brown armor part has stitching and painting on it, and then he has his gray belt, and then the little ring with two leather straps and two felt straps.  His gauntlet thingies are sculpey that is glued to felt and then sewn on to the arm.  They're pretty small and very detailed, I think my boyfriend the sculpey maker did a really good job on them (this whole thing was like his baby--he said he and Revan spent many fond hours together playing through KOTOR).

Revan's cape is removable too--he has little claspies that you can unhook to take it off.  I know in the picture the helmet kind of looks like Boba Fett, but in person it doesn't look that similar.

His helmet comes off too!  He's not so menacing that way, though.  And we made him a lightstaff, which I think is pretty neat looking.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think!

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