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My Hoth Christmas Wreath

I've been haing a hard time coming up with Christmas wreath ideas this year. Everything I did just seemed to fall flat. So I went to my shelves of Geeky things to see if I could find some inspiration and came up with this:

Have youreself a Hoth-y little Christmas! Complete with Luke Skywalker and Wampa from the Hallmark itty bittys collection and a lego lightsaber poking out of the ground. Easy peasy and makes me squeeee-sy!
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Greetings, Star Wars crafters!  I'm glad you are keeping this community alive in spite of its creator's departure from Lucasfilm.  (We miss you, Bonnie!)

My most recent Star Wars craft was this crocheted Imperial symbol parasol, inspired by babukatorium's granny square parasol. 

I used scrap yarn to make the Imperial circles.  Joining the circle motifs was a new technique for me.  It was difficult and resulted in a lot of frogging.  I cut the cover off of a $3 Ikea umbrella, then sewed the crocheted piece to the frame.

The umbrella frame wasn't sturdy enough to support the somewhat heavy crocheted piece.  (I did not want to cut up a nice umbrella and umbrella frames are not available for purchase.)  This made it difficult to keep the parasol shape in place.  Nevertheless, I brought it to Comic-Con 2012 and had a few SW fans pose with it.

Two more photos can be viewed here.

The Imperial Parasol

It was difficult to make, too bulky to carry and offers no protection from the elements, but I get a lot of geek crafter points, right?
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Boba Fett Bag

I recently learned to sew and was excited to make as many geeky things as I could, starting with this awesome Boba Fett bag!

Carry your Bounty like a pro with this one of a kind Boba Fett bag. Hand crafted by a Star wars Geek Girl who made sure no detail was overlooked. Features include the Mandolorian skull patch, Boba Fett's emblem patch, button blaster scratches, and wookiee scalp braids (no wookiees were harmed in the making of this bag). It is 100% cotton. This bag has a long strap so it fits comfortably on your shoulder and hangs down close to your hip.

if you are interested, you can order one from my etsy account

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Death Star quilt!

For Christmas this year (or, more accurately, for his birthday, only it overran a bit), I got way too ambitious and made my boyfriend a quilt with the Death Star on it. I had made precisely one quilt before and that was a little one, for a baby, using charm squares. But the idea wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to give it a shot...

I think it came out OK, though. :D

( More pictures and details at my journal! )

(This will be x-posted, so many apologies if you see it more than once.)
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It's a Jedi's Party, Who Could Ask For More?

My husband and I threw a birthday party for our son who's turning 5. He just adores Star Wars so of course I had to make a Death Star pinata and paint a broom handle to look like a lightsaber for the kids to whack at it with. (I actually thought it was an original idea for about a day until my husband Googled it and found a dozen sites or more about how to do it.) Mine came out great and it was so fun watching the kids go to town on it.

Photobucket Photobucket

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Bleached Out Star Wars Quote Tee

 I made this super simple singlet with an existing plain shirt and some bleach!

I plan on making a trillion more with different quotes, the next one will be Skywalker <3

There's a tutorial over on my blog. There's not many pics of the finished top because, well, what you see is what you get!
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Jedi Minidress + Robe

 Hi guys! I finished this a few days ago but I have no real reason why I haven't posted it earlier! I made a Jedi robe a few weeks ago, so I could have a cute dressing gown to snuggle into when it could chilly here at night. It's pretty much the most amazing thing in my life right now. When I wear it I get stuff done [husband is pleased with that!].

A few days ago I finished a Jedi-inspired minidress. I wanted it to look fairly like the costumes but at the same time be able to be worn out to the shops and things like that. I am a little bit proud of myself and I can totally see me justifying wearing this to do my grocery shopping in. Haha.

Please excuse the smug face! And I know that Docs are totally Jedi Council approved footwear

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Edited to Add: The tutorial is now up!
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